Aster was sent to Earth by the Masters of Zhud, an ancient race from a negative parallel universe struck with sterility. (A long time ago some natives of Zhud were exiled to Earth so our genetic codes are compatible.) His mission was to find a suitable mate on Earth. But the evil Melanos, allied to the reptilian race of Xan, tried to thwart his plans. Aster eventually defeated Melanos, saved his race, but chose to remain on Earth with Eva "Pinky" Bolan, his intended mate. He became one of the founding members of the super-group Hexagon but was killed later by Melanos and his henchmen. Melanos experimented on cloning him and growing successive versions of him for ten years. A new Aster was discovered by Miss Meteor and recently helped the Strangers against the Hemocrats who were thretening his homeworld.

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