Doc Sullivan


Douglas "Doc" Sullivan is one of the members of a family with latent superhuman powers, which traces its ancestry back to Gallix of Avalon. Doug is the brother of both superhero Jeff Sullivan (aka The Man of Brass) and reformed super-villain/astronaut Fred "Blackie" Sullivan (now a member of the Hexagon Group). Doug decided to become a medical doctor at a young age. He studied medicine at UCLA in Los Angeles and the Hopital Lariboisiere in Paris, where he met Babette. He then returned to the U.S. where he began practicing medecine and assisted the police in solving various crimes. Eventually, he was hired by St. Justin's Hospital in Chicago, where he became romantically involved with socialite Patricia Hope, a.k.a. Phenix. He broke up with Phenix after her mission in Paris, during which he briefly became himself a superhero called The Night Flyer.

French Reprints

Books (in English)

Doc Sullivan guest-stars in Phenix and the novel Dark Matter, both available for sale in our Shop.