Forthcoming Books

Because I am convalescing after a pulmonary infection, I am forced to pause temporarily the publication of Hexagon Comics USA. I plan to start again as soon as my health will permit it.
  • Wampus #4: The Return

    stories by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Jean-Marc Lainé; art by Luciano Bernasconi; cover by Luciano Bernasconi.

    88 pages b&w. 2024.

  • Ozark #1: The Fire Horse

    stories by Jacques Lennoz, J.-M. Lainé; art by Franco Oneta, J.-J. Dzialowski, J.-M. Arden J.-J. Dzialowski; cover by Chris Malgrain.

    88 pages b&w. 2025.

  • Baroud #1: Rick Ross' Great Escape

    Story by Franco Frescura; Art by Martio Cubbino; cover by Alfredo Macall.

    68 pages b&w. 2025.