Gun Gallon


Young Gunnar Gallon, his father and uncle Butch, were oil prospectors in North Carolina in the 1860s. One night, they were attacked by mysterious aliens. Gun's father and uncle were killed but Gun survived and managed to blow up the aliens and their ship. The effects of the explosion, however, turned his hair white, increased his strength, vitality and lifespan. Later, Gun embarked on the three-master Swansea entoute from Boston to Singapore, but the ship sank in a storm and Gun and his newly-made friend the circus dwarf Milord, found themselves shipwrecked in the parallel world of Orios, with three moons and two suns. A few times, Gun and Milord made it back to Earth, but eventually chose to return to Orios where Gun is a mighty warlord. Gun Gallon later became an honorary member of the Hexagon Group while Milord acquired great magical powers and became a wizard.

French Reprints