Wampus #1

WAMPUS (volume 1) by Franco Frescura & Luciano Bernasconi, cover by Stephen R. Bissette, colors by Oliver & Stephane Peru.

- Foreword by Will Eisner
- Introduction by J.M. Lofficier
- Wampus #1-#4 by Franco Frescura & Luciano Bernasconi
- Epilog in Manhattan by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Luciano Bernasconi
- Bonus pages: Preview of Wampus #2. 

WAMPUS, the mysterious servant of an all-powerful cosmic entity, has arrived on Earth to sow chaos and destruction. Soon, Paris, Berlin, New York and Tokyo suffer his wrath. Only secret agent Jean Sten has uncovered his secret and stands in his way...

Writer Franco Frescura and artist Luciano Bernasconi breathed new life into Editions Lug in 1969 with their cereation of Wampus, one of the most remarkable characters in comics. Foreword by Will Eisner.

Source Material: Wampus #1-4

7X10 squarebound trade paperback, 232 pages b&w
ISBN-13: 978-1-932983-61-6. US$20.95


"I ate it up when my copy arrived and have already reread it, it's such grand fun; a heady stew of bogus sf/alien/espionage/terrorism circa the '60s, working up to staggering global political/social collapse (orchestrated by the translucent noodle-bodied bad boy Wampus) that builds upon the anarchistic spirit of none other than Diabolik -- hence, a missing link of sorts in European comics history, between the archetype of Fantomas and the coming wave of underground comix radicalism. Love, love, love it, highly recommended!" S. R. Bissette.

"Wampus is one of the great alien monsters of comics... [an] obscure gem of bande dessinée pulp paranoia." Paul Gravett.