Doug Malone


Doug Malone is a young telepath who used his powers to help Agent Latimer of the F.B.I. to fight crime. Later, Doug was recruited by the C.L.A.S.H. His sister, Dr. Jesse Malone, is the head of its Psi Division. Doug recently returned to assist Tanka in the rescue of Jaleb. Jaleb theorized that Doug's powers were the result of him being an offspring from a telepath from the Galactic Federation. Recently, Doug Malone teamed up with another Earth-born telepath, Jessica Payne, to fight the Towers and, on New Camelot, save Malinborne from another of Smodik's evil schemes. He was asked to carry Arthur's lance back to Earth and gave it to Morgane.

French Reprints

1. Doug Malone (one-shot)