Tanka was found as a baby in the Karundian jungle, and was raised by old M'Pa. The identity of his parents remains unknown, although it is generally believed that his father was Tamar. a previous jungle lord.

As a young adult, Tanka used his jungle-born abilities to fight for good. He befriended blonde journalist Cynthia and native guide Jérémie. Then, he seemingly vanished. In reality, he had discovered Dur-An-Ki, the Master-Arch, hidden deep inside Mount Damuin, and had been transported outside of the linear space-time continuum by Silver Shadow and Karene, Fishermen from the Fractal Times, seven billion years in the future. Tanka was made into an "Invariant", entrusted with the protection of a segment of the continuum from the depredations caused by the Arches and other entities out of time. 

Tanka returned to normal time in the past, and was later instrumental in the creation of C.L.A.S.H. after WW II. He remains to date its secret advisor. 

In order to thwart the chaotic schemes of Duke Oxian, Tanka  gathered a group of aliens stranded on Earth, which became known as the Strangers. After defeating Duke Oxian, he helped arrange the defense of the Earth from the assault of the Towers. Then, he masterminded the quest for the four components of the Weapon Kera, and ultimately was present at the time of its destruction in ancient Atlantis.

Recently, he organized the fight against Salamandrite No. 17 and traveled back in time to meet King Kabur. He then embarked on a pndimensional battle against the Pentacle with the assistance of Arianrod and Golden Boy.

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