The Strangers are an informal group of aliens residing on Earth brought together by Tanka to safeguard our world from extra-terrestrial and other-dimensional threats. 

The first "core" group was composed of Homicron, StarlockJaleb and Futura, soon joined by Jaydee. They fought the Tarantula, her master, the Necromancer, and Duke Oxian, a neuroform entity from Silver Shadow's far future.

The Strangers later fought Wathan, the Disciple of the Great Mind, and helped Mankind resist the assault of the Towers. They were joined by the Zorr-Ko, the Bronze Gladiator, and, later, Starcyb. More recently, they became involved in the quest for the Weapon Kera, which was ultimately destroyed with the help of MorganeLucifer and Dick Demon.

Subsequently, the Strangers fought Salamandrite No. 17 whose intention was to bring its masters, the Hemocrats, to Earth. 

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The first six issues of STRANGERS SEASON 1 were also released by Image Comics.