The Mooks Gang


The original Mooks Gang was a rather inept mob of bootleggers operating at the turn of the Century. Their bowler-hat wearing boss was known as the Brain. Other m embers of the gang included: Rudy Gomina, a Valentino-look-alike, tango dancer and general lover-boy; Slick Tonio, the cowardly but dexterous "card shark"; Bulldozer, a strong man, rather dim-witted; The Thumb, a diminutive, waif-like contorsionist (is he a boy? is he a girl?); Bel Canto, the dour enforcer whose only passion is opera singing; and finally Kitty Kream, the pretty but virago-like female member, who has an unrequited passion for Rudy Gomina.

The Mooks met in the backroom of a bar on 70th Street owned by Louie. Their arch-enemy was a rival mob led by Snickerin' Slim, a devious gangster afflicted with a nervous snicker. Slim's daughter, "Diatribe", was secretly in love with Rudy, too.

In modern times, a new Mooks Gang has surfaced, a loose (but still inept) alliance of tacky super-villains. It is led by the mysterious Cybergamotte and known members so far include Major Villain and the Mecharapax, who fought the Lunatic Legion and Captain Giroflée.

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