The Night Prince I


Paris, 1853. Under the turbulent reign of Emperor Napoleon III, Paris has become the “Modern Babylon,” the capital of vice and crime. One man, Pierre de Clermont, assisted by Ishi, his Japanese servant; Gabier, a superhumanly stong reformed convict; Puce, a street urchin; and Valentine de Merignan (a descendant of the Black Lys), a remarkable swordswoman, embarks on a mission to clean up the capital and protect the innocents from the wicked. The Night Prince once fought alonside Pierre Saint-Clair, the Fourth Guardian of the Republic.

Valentine was killed during a battle with Scarlet Lips.

French Reprints

1. Le Prince de la Nuit
2. Le Retour du Prince
3. Les Négriers
4. Les Cagoulards
5. L'évadé du Bagne

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