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The Guardian of the Republic is an agent of the French Government. His primary mission is to safeguard the French Republic and its values. The tradition was started by the Marquis de Lafayette. The Guardians do not operate outside the Law but are given considerable means and leeway. There is only one Guardian at the time. He is a highly-trained individual, in peak physical shape. Thre Guardian's sidekick is a young female code-named Marianne.

The First Guardians

The first Guardian was the Marquis de Lafayette who came up with the concept in 1777 during the American War of Independence. The Marquis went on to fight as the Guardian on the side of the French Revolution. In 1815, an aging Marquis entrusted the role and duties of the Guardian to his devoted friend Saint-Clair who took over the uniform.

World War II Guardian

Marc Saint-Clair was the son of a previous Guardian and was trained from birth. His father died in 1936, killed by the Nazis in unrevealed circumstances. Marc took over the mantle at that time. When the French Regime of Vichy sided with the Nazis, he broke up with the authorities and joined the Resistance. He joined the Partisans and helped make the D-Day landing a success. His "Marianne" was Jeanne (last name unknown) whom he recruited and trained in heretofore unrevealed circumstances. Jeanne was wounded during the attack of the Partisans, but recovered. 

Vichy Guardian

Bernard de Sault was not as skilled and experienced as Marc Saint-Clair, but was mde stronger because of steroids and experimental drugs. After Saint-Clair defected to the Resistance, Vichy Minister Pierre Laval decided to promote their own Guardian and chose Bernard, a former agent from the Milice, the far right paramilitary organization, to wear amodified uniform. Bernard was killed in 1944 trying to defeat the Partisans.

1960s Guardians

Pierre Finet resigned from the position of Guardian of the Republic after the political riots of 1968, when he felt the Guardian program had been compromised and hijacked by certain dark political forces working within the French Government. François Martel, the then-head of the program, recruited Franck Maillard to replace him. But Finet made contact with Maillard and, together, they got rid of Martel and restored the Guardian program to its initial mission. 

Modern-Day Guardian

Maxime Saint-Clair is a descendent of the WWII Guardian. Reportedly an orphan, he was raised by foster parents. He joined the French army at an early age, when his foster parents were supposedly killed in a car accident. After a period of training in the French special forces, he was selected to become the Guardian of the Republic from 2001 on. The position had been officially cancelled during in the 1990s, but was reactivated after 9/11. Maxime was part of a new team, that included special agent Dyane Mendez and Bricolo, a hacker and weaponary wizard, supervised by MonsieurCellier, from the French Ministere de la Séurité du Territoire. Maxime later met Alima Berzaïm during a mission against Crimen, and she became his Marianne. Maxime has also fought alongside Kit Kappa, Joanni Bourask, the Night Prince  and the Strangers, and was once transported back in time to the 16th century where he fought alongside Dragut and Scarlet Lips.

Maxime is in peak physical condition; his strengh, speed, reflexes and stamina have been enhanced -- without him being aware of it -- by a new kind of nano-technology. He has the ability to see in the dark, inherited from one of his ancestors. His armor comes equipped with two tonfas and various gadgets.

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