The Enchanters

THE ENCHANTERS #1 by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Gabriel Mayorga & Roberto Castro, cover by Gabriel Mayorga.

Enter the ENCHANTERS, composed of SIBILLA, heir of Cagliostro, the powerful Lakota shaman OZARK, KEL and THE METAL MAN, from the distant world of New Camelot, created by the Goddesses of Love and Hate...

The latter, the evil ARUNA, once banished from our planet by the powers of Birrell, the Druid Supreme, is trying to return, aided by her servant, the sinister magus MEPHIS.

Obeying her commands, the diabolical Magus has summoned and enslaved four members of the HEXAGON GROUP... MOZAM, RÂ, the DARK FLYER and LYS BLACK which are thus, in spite of themselves, forced to confront the powers of the ENCHANTERS...

Faced with the ENCHANTERS, will the four members of HEXAGON find a way to free themselves from the demonic influence of ARUNA, or will they succumb in battle?

Can the ENCHANTERS prevent the return of the goddess ARUNA in this epic tale brilliantly illustrated by Gabriel Mayorga and Roberto Castro?

7x10 squarebound comic, 88 pages b&w
ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-005-6 - US$12.95