Gallix is the son of Gal of Avalon (a descendent of Galorn, King of the Twilight People) and Ixa. His family was forced to flee when New Avalon was destroyed by the schemes of Shadrak, the son of Kruge. The ship carrying his parents was wrecked in a storm, and he was rescued and raised by Chimere of Antinoos, one of the Twelve Immortals. Later, Gallix was captured and sold as a slave by the Romans. He was freed by T'Sin who had been sent by the Immortals of Aggartha to be his guide. Eventually, Gallix settled in Gaul and helped Vercingetorix fight the Romans. After the Gaul leader was captured by Caesar, Gallix and T'Sen travelled to Rome to save him. In spite of the help of Germanus, they ran afoul of Wampus and the resurrected god-like Fomor Levan. Before departing, Levan bequeathed some of his powers to Gallix. Gallix and T'Sin then embarked on a new life of adventures, still to be told. Eventually, towards the end of his life, Gallix settled in Ireland where he became known as the Soul-of-Levan (Sullivan). Gallix is the ancestor of DragutGalaor, DragoDick Demon, and of the Sullivan line of heroes.

French Reprints

1. Vercingetorix
2. La Forêt en Flammes
3. L'Esclave
4. Rome ne pardonne pas !
5. Le Messager de Cesar
6. Assieds-toi et attends
7. La Farce au Cirque